Zubehör und Bekleidung AGV 2017 : Workbook - Page 26

NEW MODEL VELOCE S NEW MODEL VELOCE S NEW S NEW O L E L U N A TOP (2 1 )6 2 2 1 A0 H Y 0 0 1 MATT BLACK/WHITE NEW (21)6221A2 H Y 0 1 0 F NEW R E C C I A NEW Shell size: Homologation available: ECE 2205, ECE 2205/DOT Weight (ECE 2205): 1.315g (+/- 50g) (in first shell size) 1 2 3 F NEW U L M I N E MODEL (2 1 )6 2 2 1 A2 H Y 0 0 7 MATT BLACK/RED MULTI (2 1 )6 2 2 1 A2 H Y MODEL 011 4 S MS ML L XL XXL XS 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 60-61 61-62 63-64 Sizes (ECE 2205): (cm) TECHNICAL FEATURES • Shell in CAAF (Carbon-Aramidic-Fiberglass) engineered in 4 sizes with 5-densities EPS structure developed in 4 sizes. • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head. The unique central upper air intake has been strategically placed to capture maximum air flow in highest air pressure point. All the air vents are adjustable. • New Veloce S interiors construction is engineered to allow a stable, embracing and pressure free fit and to maximize dynamic comfort. Removable nose guard and wind protector. • The inner of the helmet is designed to offer the highest riding comfort. All parts are easily removable and washable. ○ ○ Neck roll: Shalimar and Nabuk fabric with water resistant treatment, preventing water to be channeled inside the helmet. It features reflective inserts for a increased visibility in low light conditions. ○ ○ Cheek pads: Ritmo fabric with Sanitized ® (antibacterial protection), 2Dry (moisture wicking) and Microsense (premium skin comfort and wearing fluidity) treatments. ○ ○ Crown pad: Shalimar with the same treatments listed for check pads. BLACK/GREY MULTI ( 2 1 ) 6 2 2 1 A 2 HY 0 0 9 Thanks to this premium sport model from AGV, high-performance features typically found in a racing helmet are now available in a street- friendly package. The shell construction is a mix of carbon, aramid and fiberglass, and the new interior is designed to provide a stable, embracing, pressure-free fit. The anti-scratch visor incorporates Pinlock ® anti-fog technology and is designed to maximize the rider’s field of vision. U”UHUBSSUKԑVBUSBSSU“USBHUBU“U“U”UHHHHU“BUH“SӓSӓ“SSSS  M HMH   B  M HMH   ¸(H\X H\܈][0[HXH\\YۙY܈X^[][H\X[[ܚ^۝[Y] NL0 K\܈\[K\ܘ][XYH܈X\[ٙ(H][Y\܈\[H HYX\H\وXY[[[[[H][و[XY[\܈Xۙ\\\ ˌ[ܙX\[XH[^Y\X[ۈ[H\Bو[XY[ (H[\]YHY][\܈YX[\H[Y][]][][ۈ[ݙ[Y[܈[X[[]Y[\܈[[ \Y\܈[X\H\[H\]Z\[[[[H\܂H[[ݙY[\XY[XۙˈYX[\H\\YۙYZ[[Z^H\XK\YܙH\ܝ[\\\[Y][[\X\ܛX[K(HXH][[ۈ\[BSHSԈHUQH“SSHHHHHTPUTT’STPPSӂHPTHHSHHQTSSRPHHHHHUHTӓRPTBTHUUTTӑBӑBNL0NL0 p pPBPBRURUQUUSӂQUUSӂPBPHS”QUBQUBTSTS“PVPVS”SPVPVTTS”S’ԒVӕSԒVӕSS”STPSTPSS”STSTS“PVPVS”SPVPVS”S”S”S”S‘UQSUQSSQQTBTBUUSQQTSBTSHSQQPBPHSQQSPTBSPTBӑBSQQSTSTSQQSQQӑBSQQSQQՂՂSQQՂՂSTSTSQQSQQSQQSQQSQQSQQ p pԒVӕSԒVӕSTPSTPSՂՂՂՂNL0NL0PBPHRURUUQSUQS^HX]\\”QUBQUBSPTBSPTBQUUSӂQUUSӂTSBTSBPBPBPBPBHHHX]\\œ\B\B\B\B\BQTPBԂPRTPSU[][X][ۂ[][X][ۂ[][X][ۂ[][X][ۂ[][X][ۂ\[B\[B\[B\[B\[BSQԐUQSTUSQUSBSUBT”RSԐQVSQ‘VSQSPTTԂPԐTTԂTPSUUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQUSQ\BT‘T‘T‘T‘UUUUUPBQBRSԐQT””PBPBPBPBRURURURURUSPTUSQPԐTUQST QՂU‘UQSUQSUQSUQSTBTBTBTBTBUUUUU\B[][X][ۂ\[BUSQQB[][X][ۂ\[BT QՂU”USQUSQTUPHRUUSQUQSUSQTHUTUPHRUUQSTHU