Zubehör und Bekleidung AGV 2017 : Workbook - Page 20

NEW (2 0 )6 0 2 1 A4 H Y 0 0 2 & ERGO FIT ERGO ERGO ERGO ERGO ERGO FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT SHOCK ERGO FIT REINFORCED EXTENDED EXTENDED ADJUSTABLE INTEGRATED RACE SUIT REINFORCED EXTENDED RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE EXTENDED SUIT SUIT SUIT SUIT SUIT RACE SUIT PATENTED VISOR MESH PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED VISOR PEAK PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED ASIAN PATENTED FIT SPOILER PATENTED FITMENT CHINGUARD CUSTOM VISOR FIT ABSORBER FITMENT FITMENT FITMENT FITMENT FITMENT VISOR CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM FITMENT ASIAN FIT FIT FIT FIT FIT CUSTOM PATENTED FIT share TOOL FREE REINFORCED SHOCK CHINGUARD PATENTED ABSORBER share Communication System AP-FOV IVS PATENTED TOOL FREE Communication System AP-FOV IVS PATENTED PATENTED ERGO FIT RACE SUIT PATENTED FITMENT PATENTED CUSTOM FIT ERGO FIT RACE SUIT FITMENT CUSTOM FIT TECHNICAL FEATURES • Shell in 100% 3K Carbon Fiber engineered in 4 sizes with 5-densities EPS structure developed in 4 sizes. The structure offers an extremely compact and light helmet with unmatched safety performance. • Shell shape is designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and to minimize the risk of impact energies being channeled to the collar bone. Rear shape is engineered to minimize interference with racing suit in racing position. • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) ventilation with 5 large front vents and 2 rear extractors hollowed in the shell which direct air to the rider’s head. The unique central upper air intake has been strategically placed in highest air pressure point to capture maximum air flow. • New Moto GP developed metal air vents, combines unique strength and protection with an innovative external fins structure engineered to capture maximum airflow in the front of the shell and increase air pressure on the rear exhaust, therefore incrementing the speed of air transition inside the helmet, leading to an higher cooling performance. New internal chin channels distribute the air flow evenly thru the entire visor surface. Vents covers are included in the box. • New wind tunnel tested Biplano spoiler features multiple wings to maximize aerodynamic performance, optimize CX, stabilizing the helmet during high speed riding in any conditions. Biplano spoiler is engineered to detach from the helmet in case of an accident, therefore maintaining helmet’s round shape for increased safety. • Moto GP developed interiors engineered for maximum performance on the track with a patented structure that allows riders to optimize fit and select helmet height positioning over the head. Developed with top riders, the neck roll offers easy entry, maximum ventilation and adaptable fit. Different thickness crown pad and cheek pads inserts are included in the box, allowing the rider to adapt the helmet fit. Removable nose guard and wi ɽѕѽȸ+$QȁѡЁ́ͥѼȁѡЁɥЁݥѡЁѥэ͕́ͥѥٔɕ̸́ɔͥɕم݅͡(+^,^,9ɽ݅ɕэɕѡɥѼՅɅѕѡ᥵մɕѡ䁥ݕЁՍɔݥѠɕЁ9լ͕́ȁɅəɵ+^,^, ͽЁѱMȁɥݥѠMѥ镐 ѥѕɥɽѕѥ䀡ɔݥ5ɽ͕͔ɕմͭЁݕɥե)ɕѵ̸+^,^, ɽݸѥ5ɽɔݥѠѡͅɕѵ́ѕȁ̸+$9܁Aѕѕ́ͅɕ͔ѕɕѼɕٕٔѱ䁍͔́и+$5Ѽ@ٕɅѥѕՑѡЁݥѠѕɹ́ɕȁ͵ѠՉЁɥمٔͥѡѡ)ȁхЁ͵ѠɅѥɥɥQѕ́ձɕم+$9܁ ́=ѥā٥ͽȁݥѠ5YͥA Ѥѕ䁥́ͥȁ᥵մٕѥ٥܁Ʌͥѥ չэɥ齹х٥( Yͽȁ́Ѥ͍Ʌэɕ䁙ȁɅ͔ѕȵѕȵЁ́Ցѡ+$AѕѕYͽȁ1MѕY1LɕՍ́ѡɥͬхѡٕЁ٥ͽȁѡ́́ɽЁѼԁɕͥ́ɽѕѥѡ)͔и+$፱ͥٔх٥ͽȁʹхݥѠɽѼɅͱѥٕЁٕ́ѽх͕ݕ٥ͽȁ͡Q́ɕɅ٥ͽȁɕ͔ѕ́ѡ٥ͽ)Ѽɕٕɕ̸͕5ʹ́ͥѼ锁ɕѡɕɔѥɥɅ٥܁Ёəɵ+$Չɕѕѥѕ+$ͥ%Pѥ(