Zubehör und Bekleidung AGV 2017 : Workbook - Page 14

THE NEW INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION PLATFORM FOR AGV HELMETS FUNCTIONS Rider and passenger intercom Mobile phone connection (highest priority) Wireless GPS connection Wireless and wired stereo music connection (MP3 player etc.) RDS FM Radio REAR SHARE EASY (20)KIT99909 999 REAR SHARE EASY VI FEATURES C O M PACT S T Audio menu guide in 10 different languages Firmware updates downloadable from agv.com K-5 JET FLUID Waterproof SIDE SHARE EASY SAFETY (20)KIT99908 999 SIDE SHARE EASY VI Advanced battery protection system. Talk time: 11 hours - Stand by: 700 hours -97.5 % electromagnetic radiation compared to the maximum permissible level and to devices with bike-to-bike communication Auto volume adjustment K-5 S K-3 SV