Zubehör und Bekleidung AGV 2017 : Workbook - Page 12

LCD VISOR SYSTEM LIGHT FUMè GASKET ON / OFF SWITCH ENHANCED VISUAL FIELD 50H CLEAR MODE 12H DARK MODE 2H CHARGE TIME ANTI-FOG PROPERTY FAIL SAFE SYSTEM VISOR LOCK SYSTEM 3 mm THICKNESS OFF ON Clear Mode Dark Mode AGVisor is available for Pista GP R/Corsa R/Veloce S AGVisor is an exceptional visor. With just one click, in less than 1/10th of a second, the visor changes from clear to dark thanks to a low voltage that is applied to the liquid crystal system. This system also protects the rider, or passenger, from the harmful UV rays and features an ANTIFOG function. The system is powered by a small battery. If the battery is low, the hi-tech security system “Fail Safe” automatically changes the insert from dark to clear. A fully charged battery offers an average of 30 hours of tinted operation, depending on usage. Battery life may vary from 12 hours (if used only in dark mode) to 50 hours (if used only in clear mode). AGVisor is homologated for day time use only. OFF ON