Zubehör und Bekleidung AGV 2017 : Workbook - Page 10

THE WINNING STRENGHTS OF AGV EXTREME STANDARDS IMPACT PROTECTION The Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis makes it possible to perform crash test and helmet strength simulations before making the physical moulds. This sophisticated method enables us to achieve a helmet that is light and compact, yet simultaneously offers outstanding impact absorption, with safety margins that comfortably exceed the requirements of the homologations standard. COMPACT DESIGN A helmet that sits properly on the rider’s head without being too tight, with an efficient but quiet ventilation system is a safer helmet as it allows the rider to focus his concentration on riding the bike. REVOLUTIONISES HELMET SHAPE DESIGN The design process starts from the rider’s head which is very accurately measured using a series of anthropometric parameters and laser scans. FIELD OF VISION The shape and size of the visor perfectly match performance and ergonomic requirements. OUTSTANDING PROTECTION Exceeds the requirements of the most severe protection standards, proven in Finite Elements Method virtual crash tests (FEM) and laboratory tests. AERODYNAMICS The aerodynamics have been validated using wind tunnel testing and it is optimised using dedicated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software. NEW STANDARDS OF COMFORT Sets new standards of comfort and fit following extensive wind tunnel, static and dynamic tests. Carbon fibre LIGHTWEIGHT EXTREME STANDARDS TRIED & TESTED Tried and tested to extremes in the lab, on the track BFR&Bख66&F6RvFFR&6W2bFRubWG&VR7FF&G2FR6VG2bFRVWBfR&VVFW6vV@FV7W&RFR&WV&VBW&f&6RWfV2v7B&VGV6rFRvVvB2V6276&RFRvRVWB0ƖvBBvǒ66&W67FBFRF֗6FbFRvVvB&VGV6W2W66RfFwVRFRV6&Vv@V7W&W2FBFRG&fW"&V266VG&FVB&VVBB6fRvRG&fr&FFRG&6BFR&BdTDDFRfVFF77FVFW6vVBW6r6WFFfVBG֖724dBfVGW&W2GV7G26'&FV@F&V7FǒFRWFW"6VF&fFR&RVffV7FfR&fr6FRFRVWBB6WfR7WW&"W&G֖0W&f&6RU$tԔ506f'B26fWGFRubUE$TR7FF&G2&6W72&WfWF6W2FR&VWBFW6v&6W72v6v&2g&FRWG6FRRg&FR6VFFRFW&6VG2f'&Vv7