Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 8 - Page 56

  MORNING & AFTERNOON SCHEDULING OPTIONS   MONDAY-FRIDAY $450/WEEK   MON/WED/FRI $300/WEEK Little  Leaps  Autism  Preschool  Program  is  dedicated  to   establishing  and  providing  a  safe,  caring  and  structured     environment  for  your  child.    Our  program  focuses  on  teaching   language  and  academic  skills  to  children  with  autism  and   related  disorders,  ages  two  to  five.    The  classroom  is  based  on   an  integrated  approach,  which  incorporates  typically   developing  peer  models  and  research-­‐based  interventions.     TUES/THURS $200/WEEK   Children  experience  learning  in  both  group  and  individual   settings.    Our  preschool  program  offers  group  yoga  and  speech   sessions,  as  a  part  of  our  curriculum.    Our  preschool  teacher   has  been  providing  behavioral  services  for  thirteen  years  and   is  a  Registered  Behavior  Technician.    Our  Program  has  two   Board  Certified  Behavior  Analysts,  a  Speech  and  Language   Pathologist  and  an  Occupational  Therapist  on  site.         HOURS OF OPERATION 9:00-12:00 OR 12:00-3:00 ZoomAutism.org ZoomAutism.com Facebook.com/ZoomAutism @ZoomAutism     Since  all  children  develop  at  different  rates  and  have  different   needs,  the  director  will  meet  with  your  family  to  establish   your  child’s  unique  and  individual  needs.  Our  goal  is  to  help   your  child  reach  his/her  fullest  potential  in  all  critical  areas  of   development.   LEAP AHEAD, INC. 10686  Crestwood  Drive   Manassas,  VA  20109   www.leapahead.org   info@leapahead.org       ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses 56       ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses 57