Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 8 - Page 54

My justly realistic goals for my painting career are to make people happy when they see my art work and to earn money because I want to be able to pay for my financial needs and be less dependent on others. My other area of interest is that I greatly hope to make new friends, and I would like to meet the true love of my life very much so I can build my future with a loving companion. Frankly, life is only worth living if you have friends. Nothing comes easy in life. Believe in your dreams. Autism Answers CREATING HARMONY THROUGH PARENT COACHING $ • ABA$Parent$Coaching$ • Behaviors$ • Morning$&$Evening$Routines$$ • Building$Structure$in$the$Home$ • Communication$ • PECS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ • Sleep$Issues,$Potty$Training$ • Sensory$Issues$ • Back$Talk,$Not$Listening$ • Sibling$Rivalry$ • Academics$ • IEP$Review$&$Goals$ • Social$Skills$ • House$Rules$&$Chores$in$the$ $ We specialize in providing solutions to everyday challenges for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays and Typically Developing Children. Focusing on Parent or Professional Coaching and support we will develop a perfect plan for you! Secure Video Conferences, Email Correspondence, and Phone Consultation connect us together to bring Harmony In Your Home! Our newest service will teach Parents how to teach your child Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the home! Our$services$are$affordable$at$$55.00$per$hour$ $Tailored$to$meet$the$Family’s$needs$or$ $"Quick$Chats"$when$you$need$assistance$right$away$ $ 703-479-6101 $ $ We$also$offer$a$variety$of$Visual$Aids$and$we$will$be$happy$to$customize$them$for$your$child.$ Please$visit$our$Website:$info@autismanswersnow.com$ A BRANCH OF LEAP AHEAD, INC. what their aura paintings would look like. Truly, I want what I paint to make people think about the meaning in color and think about what colors represent about themselves. I will explain from my perspective that I very much have had this gift of synesthesia, but I did not say anything because I believed that everyone greatly had this talent. Truly, for me I use the word auras or colors when describing my dreams, but I am reading the colors of people’s emotions. You are the product of your parents and a product of your environment and the reaction you have to both. COLLECT PEZ? KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES? LOOKING FOR THAT PERFECT GIFT? SEARCH NO FURTHER. I just want to say that my autism and sensory motor challenges are why I am more sensitive—giving me this gift. But only because my nice mom found a way to teach me to communicate was I dearly able to tell others what I saw. I truly believe that we must give people a way to communicate. Truly, there may be more gifted artists. We nonverbal people with sensory motor challenges need assistance to discover our talents. 54 ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses WWW.BEANEDESIGN.COM/ETSY ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses 55