Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 8 - Page 18

5 Sensory–Friendly Summer Must Haves... Summer – a wonderful time of year filled with lazy days, picnics, romping on the beach and sipping lemonade while enjoying the sunshine. But if you or your child has sensory issues, the bright light, sticky sand or itchy grass can be a challenge. That is why we love these five products we feature below as they all cost under $20 and offer some solutions to those sensory challenges. We know that no two people are alike and that what works for one person may not for another, but at less than $20, we think these ‘must haves’ are worth trying. (Note: Zoom Autism Magazine LLC is not in any way being paid to advertise these products, nor do we guarantee that they will work for you or your situation, nor are we responsible for anything that happens if you try them. We just think they are pretty cool and wanted to share them with you. As with any product, we recommend that you do your own research and consult with experts to see if they are right for you.) Swimlids The bright sun can cause more than a sunburn. For those that are sensitive to light, that big ball of sunshine can be a huge problem. This is why we like Swimlids. Th ese hats are light and made from a 50+ SPF fabric. You can wear them in and out of the water, and they dry quickly when wet. The nylon/spandextype fabric makes for a comfortable fit yet is snug enough that it won’t come off when jumping in the pool, riding on a boat or enjoying a windy beach day. They come in both children and adult sizes, many different colors/prints and cost under $15. Songmics Large Picnic Blanket Portable Beach Mat Tote Do you have a loved one who doesn’t like to sit on the itchy grass or sticky sand? If so, this portable mat may be an affordable solution. While the description says it is a blanket, reviewers say it is not as soft as a traditional fleece-type picnic blanket, but they love that this mat is large enough for a family of 4 and waterproof. We love that it folds up and has its own carrying case so that it can be thrown in the back of the car and used when needed. At only $15 we think this is a summertime picnic or beach must-have for sure. Stay Puts The Wet Brush Sand-Off™ Dry Body Wash If you are sensitive to bright sunlight but have a hard time keeping sunglasses in place, this just might be the perfect answer for you. This stylish, soft silicone piece fits most glasses and sunglasses styles. Plus, they are made for both KIDS & ADULTS! $8.55 per pair. After a day of fun in the pool or at the beach, the last thing you want is a battle over brushing out tangled messy hair. That is where this brush may help. The poly tips are extremely gentle and ideal for sensitive scalps. At only $9 and available at many drugstores, beauty suppliers and directly from the manufacture, it is well worth the try. If you or your child love the beach but can’t stand the sand sticking to your skin, this just might be the answer. This mitt is worn like a glove so that the soft terry side can be wiped across the skin to remove sand, grass clippings or other debris. It uses an all-natural, talcum-free powder that is unscented and even works with suntan lotion or perspiration. The tactile sensation of the mitt rubbing against the skin can also have a calming effect for some sensory seekers. The cost is $8.99, and you can get about 40 uses out of each mitt. 18 ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses 19