Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 7 - Page 6

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR T here is a new trend I am seeing in middle schools now that has me a little worried. Starting in 6th and 7th grade, the schools are having students take personality tests to figure out what they are good at and help them identify their likes and interests. Based on this information, students fill out what the schools are calling a “6-Year High School and Beyond Plan.” The “plan” is designed to get students to start thinking about their futures and to choose classes that will prepare them for their goals after graduation. It sounds great … in theory, but in reality … I’m not so sure. You see, what these tests and plans fail to point out is that what my 12-year-old is passionate about today, she may not be passionate about tomorrow, never mind six years from now. she grows up NOW, I invited her to join me on a project I was undergoing myself – the creation of a vision board. I explained that passions and interests are constantly changing because people are constantly changing. I told her that, as a creative person