Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 7 - Page 32

WANTED as jumping in place, spinning nylons and shoelaces, and listening to heavy metal music with the volume turned all the way up. It has always been difficult for me to recognize his defined talents and skill sets. I believe that the activities James engages in that make him smile provide him an outlet to release the darkness he has experienced in his life. I may never know this for sure, but it would make sense. The best thing I can do is encourage my brother to focus on the activities that makes him smile. We must continue to extend our support to our loved ones to keep their passions alive. We must keep reminding each other of the power and presence of unconditional love. In Closing… SUZANNE “BEANE” CHANESMAN To live your life to your fullest potential requires a clear knowledge in the scientific formula of your defined passion. You, like many others, might still be on the quest to find your passion. You may still be trying to define your own “fire tetrah