Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 7 - Page 28

“ To me, success is learning how to rise strong and survive in my surrounding conditions.” These are from the #recoverydocumented series, All photos by Lindsey Nebeker. makes you breathe and survive. In my case, it turns out that my “oxygen” source is found in love. I am not talking about the lighter, positive aspects of love; I am talking about the devastating and heart-wrenching emotions that occur because of love. Anger, betrayal, fear, grief, heartbreak, humiliation, sorrow and trauma – these are all emotions you can experience as a result of having loved or trusted to another person. That person could be your mother, your father, your significant other, your child, your friend, your neighbor, your teacher, or even an acquaintance. “ has been free from the darkness. While I find joy in sharing celebratory and positive experiences, I tend to be more active in capturing photographic images to describe intensely difficult experiences – either in someone else’s life or my own. Love is the essential non-physical ingredient for human survival. In 2015, when I revisited professional intervention for my eating disorder, I created the #recoverydocumented series on Instagram . and invited the world to witness the challenges and celebrations during my own recovery. The hashtag has since been used to create mental health awareness and other facets of my journey. When we believe and feel like we are loved, we will be motivated keep our passions alive ” The years I spent in boarding school (between the ages of 15 and 18) were the most traumatic in my life up to this point. And that three-year period happened to be when I was bitten by the composition bug. In those three years, I composed nearly 100 songs. In the sixteen years since, I have composed less than 20 songs. That does not mean, however, that my adult life “ Passion The Heat is a Identifying your “fuel” and “oxygen” is important to truly understanding your passion, but what purpose does your passion serve you? What drives you to engage in your passion? human trait that can be expressed 28 and felt regardless of ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses our given abilities This is where the “heat” enters into the science of passion. to rise strong and survive in my surrounding conditions. My interests in music, photography and sexuality served as my “fuel,” and the darkness in my life served as my “oxygen.” But what was the message I was trying to convey and resonate? Dark experiences are hard, and I would not wish them upon anyone. But when they do arise, I feel compelled to share and convey my emotions as an effort to connect. Our primal instinct to develop some form of connection with other living beings allows us to