Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 6 - Page 64

SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS BEAR Hugs & Autism Hope: Tikko™ and Dorian’s Story D orian, my 12-year-old autistic son, is kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor! He loves Pokemon, Minecraft, and Skylanders and has dreams of becoming a rock star someday. Dorian takes his drum lessons and singing very seriously. It wasn’t always like this. In the early years prior to Dorian’s diagnosis (it took 7 years), we spent many days lost, confused, losing hope and very worried about his future. Enrolling Dorian at a local school specializing in children with neurological disorders at the start of Grade 2 was the best decision we ever made. It wasn’t long before we realized that given the proper support, understanding and acceptance, children on the spectrum can grow up in a world that gives them every opportunity for success! So … “Where’s Tikko Been?” Since 2013, Tikko™ has travelled to Africa, the Arctic, Asia, Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Amsterdam, Arizona, Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, British Columbia, Bulgaria, California, the Caribbean, the Carolinas, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, China, Costa Rica, Crete, Croatia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, England, Florida, France, Georgia, Germany, Greenland, Hawaii, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Illinois, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kentucky, Korea, Kuwait, Labrador, Lithuania, Louisiana, Manitoba, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nepal, the Netherlands, Nevada, New Brunswick, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York City, the Northwest Territo- One day, when Dorian was 9, he came across a story of a young girl who was terminally ill. Unable to travel herself, she experienced the world through the eyes of her traveling teddy bear. “Dorian became inspired and Dorian became inspired and decided to se