Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 6 - Page 32

ing day. Finally, Abraham took the biggest step of his life, and he moved in with me. It took a tremendous amount of courage for him to do this, but he knew without a doubt that he made the right decision, and he knew our relationship was what he had dreamed of his entire life. We were finally together and were then able to truly nurture our love for each other. PO Stephen: How do you both deal with everyday life and challenges? “When unexpected things pop up, we first stop and discuss the situation, then figure out how to handle it.” 32 ZOOM Autism through Many Lenses Anita: I have a very demanding job as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I get up on weekdays at 3:30 am. I leave the house at 5:00 am. Even though Abraham doesn’t leave for work until 7:30 am, he gets up with me at 3:30 am as well. We’ll enjoy our coffee together as I put on my makeup. Then we’ll eat our breakfast together, then get showered and get dressed. Once I leave for work, Abraham will tidy up the kitchen and do the dishes and do some laundry if needed. Soon it’s time for him to get to work. Once home at the end of the day, we will first sit together on the couch and snuggle and talk about our day at work and whatever else we want to discuss. Then we go outside and feed our horses together and take a walk if the weather is nice. We both love to cook and spend time each evening preparing meals for the next day. We work together in the kitchen as a team, chopping, dicing, sautéing, grilling, each doing tasks to create the food! After preparing the meals, we pack up our lunches for the next day and have the healthy breakfast ready to go. Abraham will also get the coffee machine all set and on the timer so that a fresh pot of steaming coffee is waiting for us immediately upon entering the kitchen in the morning. Sometimes