Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 65

WHEN A LOVED ONE WANDERS AWAY, THERE’S A WAY TO HELP BRING THEM BACK SAFE AND SOUND. INTRODUCING SAFETYNET™ BY LOJACK ® SafetyNet Bracelet TM Nothing could be more frightening than the thought of a loved one with autism or another condition wandering away. That’s why LoJack SafetyNet now offers SafetyNet, a simple and convenient service that uses proven technology for finding and rescuing people at risk who wander and become lost. To learn more about SafetyNet by LoJack ® call 1·877·4·FIND·THEM (1·877·434·6384) or visit SafetyNetByLoJack.com. TM © 2010 LoJack SafetyNet Inc. Al