Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 51

ACROSS THE POND AuKids is a positive parenting magazine for parents of children with autism spectrum conditions. It is a not-for-profit initiative and has been running in the UK for seven years with a small but loyal readership and a number of readers in other parts of Europe and America. We asked our new friends from across the pond, Tory and Debby, editors of AuKids Magazine, to share some of their thoughts about autism in the UK. Here’s what they had to say. What are the main organizations/charities in regard to autism? What we really like about living in the UK is that our largest autism organization is very neutral and balanced. The National Autistic Society (NAS), originally formed by a group of parents in the early sixties, is now our leading autism charity and is extremely pragmatic in its approach. It distances itself from bogus claims about “remedies” and is respected across the board for its work in improving the lives of people with autism and championing their rights at a political level. In fact, the NAS made history when the Autism Act was passed as law in 2009. The law placed a duty on the government to produce a strategy and supporting statutory guidance (published the following year) to improve the lives of adults with autism. Another large organization that we’re grateful for is Research Autism UK. This charity aims to make sense of the chaotic voices shouting to be heard above the autism pulpit by deciphering the current body of research and categorizing it according to how well it stands up to scientific scrutiny. Are there any interest