Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 39

agnosis and not knowing what to do with it, we want kids to CELEBRATE IT! Our kits are saying, “Congratulations! You have autism.” They are big white boxes with yellow bows filled to the brim and delivered to your kid with all sorts of cool stuff like giant plush microbes, fidgets, t-shirts, clown noses and even special trading cards that showcase other people on the spectrum. It’s a handpicked explosion of pride, fun and Aspie fabulosity, designed to appeal to an Asperkid’s senses and sense-of-self. NOTE: Because Jennifer wants to spread the awesomeness, she has generously donated an AWESOME KIT for us to give away to one of our fabulous ZOOM Readers! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to learn how to enter to win it! There will be d ays that certainly are n ot all rainbows and u nicorns, but those are the d ays when you need to re member that laughter is a c hoice. ZOOM: You have so much going on, plus you’re a mom to three kiddos who are also on the spectrum and wife to a man who, yup, is an Aspie too. Please tell us what you do to keep your balance. JENNIFER: I don’t! Seriously, it is something I am working on. And don’t you dare look at my house – it needs a good cleaning! What keeps me sane is dance and music – Broadway music! I also like to write and read. My favorite is historical fiction. Are you familiar with the OUTLANDER series? Love it! ZOOM: What advice do you have for other parents who are trying to raise awesome autistic kids? JENNIFER: We adults forget what it is like to be a kid. If you are not good at something, it is not fun. So the best advice I have is to figure out ways to engage your kids so that it is fun! Just like Temple Grandin says, use their special interZoom Autism Through Many Lenses 39