Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 38

ZOOM: On your road to acceptance, what have you learned about yourself and autism? JENNIFER: I did a TED style talk last September at a conference all about ruby red slippers, as in Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Basically, what I say is that what you might think is your most not, but all will be wearing some sort of ruby red shoe. A red glittery sandal or a converse sneaker … doesn’t matter. The girls will be “role models” not runway models! Isn’t that clever? Amy Serrano Peterson, an awesome producer/ director who is so HUGE she even has a day in CLICK THE IMAGE TO VIEW JENNIFER’S RUBY SLIPPERS TALK troublesome flaw is your greatest strength. It’s a great speech, if I do say so myself, which I just did. Like Dorothy, I like to wear red shoes, my ruby red slippers, to remind me that I don’t need a wizard to steer me home. ZOOM: What new and exciting things are on the horizon for you and Asperkids? JENNIFER: There are so many exciting things. Sisterhood of the Spectrum, of course, is being released April 21. Nordstrom in Raleigh, North Carolina, my home state, is doing a wonderful event to celebrate it on April 25. All About the Shoes is a fashion show for girls ages 12-25. Some of the models are on the spectrum, and some are 38 Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses Miami named after her (seriously, it’s October 27!), is making a film on ME! Little ole me! I will never, ever stop being fandazzled in the amazingness of the brave, brilliant women (and guys) that the world is bringing into my life. It is all unbelievable, and I am very grateful. I’m also working on another book. This one will not be part of the Asperkids series but instead will be a memoir-type piece. More to come on that soon. Speaking of Asperkids, which I guess I wasn’t really, but I am now, lots of amazing things are going on over on our website. One of the things I am so proud of is that we now are doing what I call Awesome Kits. Instead of just receiving a di-