Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 36

ZOOM: Let’s talk about your new book, Sisterhood of the Spectrum. You have mentioned that while you love all the Asperkids books, Sisterhood is special. What is it about this book that truly makes your heart sing? JENNIFER: Three years and six books, well, Sisterhood is number six. It has been such an adventure, and I am very aware that this is an incredibly rare experience. At the beginning of all this, when people told me I should write a book, I remember saying, “Do you think anyone would read it?” Maybe it’s my mind blindness, but I truly was unaware of the kind of impact those other books could have and what they would become. Because, come on, how many of us actually think, “My thoughts are so special that I should share them!” I honestly had no clue what others needed and wanted to know from me. ty is being True beau uthentic self. your a But with Sisterhood, I am fully aware of what it can do before it even goes out. I truly understand what messages need to be shared. I am a woman on the spectrum. I am raising a daughter on the spectrum. That makes this personal, and I share my own experiences and my many mistakes – no, not mistakes, lessons learned. And, believe me, I have learned a lot of lessons. This book is about letting girls know they are unique and beautiful and loveable just the way they are. Oprah once said that after 25 years on TV and millions of people interviewed, the one 36 Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses Jennifer’s Sisterhood of the Spectrum is being released April 21st.