Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2015 - Page 31

pretty sure the kiddo still has “What the heck?” moments with me as his parent. So we have those moments, and we shake them off and try again. We are both thinking in our own ways. We express ourselves in our own languages, and somehow we meet in the middle at a point of understanding – what he wants to express and what I want to share with him. We get there. We accept that it will be a constant dance of trying to get to the middle. As hard as I am working on accepting him and his way, he is doing the same with me. He has to accept me for my differences too, and most days he does. It’s not perfect, but no relationship is, autism or not. Good thing we agree on another side of fries though. Some stuff is universal. As hard as i am working on accepting him and his way, he is doing the same with me. Do you have an inspirational story to share about your journey as an autism parent? Send your 800 words or less first-person essay to zoomautism@gmail.com with “Close Up” in the subject line for consideration. Mama Fry says autism is a trip she didn’t plan on, but she sure does love her tour guide. She says it’s better to laugh than to cry (mainly because she gets distracted by the free samples at Costco and forgets to buy tissues). She invites you to enjoy her adventure with a side of sarcasm (and fries) on her blog, Autism with a Side of Fries, on Facebook and Twitter. Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses 31