Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 2 - Page 50

There are so many myths about autism, including one that those on the spectrum will never be able to find and keep true love. This is simply not true. Besides you don’t have to have autism to have a hard time finding that “one special person.” Finding someone who shares in your interest is the key, I think. For me it was a mutual love of Star Wars and comics that brought my fiancé and me together. I am not the kind of girl who flirts or makes the first move, but with him I did. I approached him, and I am so glad I did! Kansas Moskwik (who will be marrying her “One Special Person” in May) Making new friends is easier when we are not afraid. It can be sad and frightening when friendships don’t last forever, and sometimes we need help processing that lesson. Sometimes I find a friend and then later lose them because one of us moved or changed schools or jobs. I can feel anxious, bitter, and rejected when the person I loved wants to go make new friends. When our lives change, sometimes the people in our lives change too. There is grief at loss but also joy in happy memories. No one wants to lose friends, but remembering that “friends for a season” was real friendship with someone who really cared, helps us find courage to make new friendships as our lives change. I know