Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 2 - Page 39

recognize their inner strength, their kindness, their loving qualities, or any number of other positive attributes unique to that person. Since each experience is personalized, we can’t predict exactly what the mirror would say, but I can tell you that it is an incredibly positive and supportive experience that anybody on the ASD spectrum would cherish and walk away empowered, knowing that they are more than enough! “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?” Zoom: What is next for The Mrs. and the “I’m Enough” movement? Andra: Following nearly 5 million viral views of our video in multiple languages, we’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of requests for the Magic Mirror to visit cities all over the world from people who want their loved ones to share in this unique experience. So we’ve been bringing the Magic Mirror to malls across the country where people can experience it first-hand. To help us keep up with the mirror demands, we’ve created “The Mrs. Magic Mirror” app that allows people to send loving and supportive messages (which we call “Enoughies”) to the people that mean the most to them. The Mrs. Magic Mirror app is free to download on Apple iTunes. Furthermore, we have a debut EP in the works with original songs about motherhood, balancing personal relationships, careers, marriages and friendships, and other true-life experiences that real women can relate to. We’re also getting calls from big corporations (such as Toyota and Shell Oil Company) to headline at their upcoming events. It’s all happening so quickly, and we’re all just enjoying every moment of it. The Mrs. have generously donated a bunch of promotional goodies, which we will be giving away, so make sure you follow ZOOM on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on how to win! For additional information on The Mrs., including their tour schedule, or to download their Magic Mirror app, visit The Mrs. website, like The Mrs. on Facebook, and follow The Mrs. on Twitter. Do you have a Finding Balance tip? Send it to zoomautism@gmail.com with “Balance” in the subject line. Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses 39