Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 2 - Page 34

“It’s time for my son to move to the next step of his life.” “The good whispers scare you. They open you up. Bad whispers shut you down. You can’t listen to them,” Liz Gilbert says almost as if she is speaking directly to me. My good whispers say, “It’s time for my son to move to the next step of his life.” The unknown variables of that scare the crap out of me. The good whispers say, “You are supposed to write a larger piece of work that will reach farther and help more people.” The bad whispers say, “You do not have time to write today. You can never finish a long-term project. You have too much on your plate.” “Obstacles help you gain what you need for the battle,” Liz’s voice says, bouncing off the screen and into my soul. The difficulties that I face now are what are making me stronger. My destiny is to encourage others through my writing and to tell them that they can get through these obstacles and make it to the other side. It doesn’t really matter what channel that writing comes in on right now. The point is that it touches someone. “Any voice that you hear that attacks you in any way … is not your highest self.” This, this was one of my favorite quotes spoken by Liz that day. The voice in my head says to me, “You’re not smart enough. Your grammar is horrible. You can’t focus. No one you know has ever done this. What makes you think you can?” This voice really needs to shut up! As much as I’d love to run off to Italy, France or Bali and write a novel about my experiences the way Elizabeth did, my reality is that right now I am a mother, a wife, a caregiver. So for now, I write a blog and share what I’m going through each and every da H