Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 2 - Page 20

ARTIST SNAPSHOT The World in Tiny Details By Heidi Vormer m y name is Heidi Vormer, and my artist name is Remrov, my last name spelled backwards. I was diagnosed with classic autism when I was 21 years old. This is quite late because my family and I—and practically everybody who met me—felt that there was something different about me. I struggled with every aspect of my life—socializing, making friends, language, communicating, school work—and I just didn’t understand why. My whole world was inside my own mind. I didn’t know how to communicate or how to interact with others. I didn’t know how to play games, how to behave or what to say. I didn’t understand anything of the whole world around me. When I finally received the autism diagnosis, it was a huge relief for me. Now I finally knew what was going on with me. Many puzzle pieces fell into place. My one constant during all these years of not knowing was my love of drawing. Since I was very little, I have always loved to make drawings. I made drawings of patterns and road maps and fractals. Drawing helped me to stay calm and to relax. The details of the patterns and the fractals were always the same. They kept repeating over and over. Drawing them helped me to keep my mind organized. The whole world has always been an extremely chaotic place for me since there are so many tiny 20 Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses