Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 2 - Page 17

Wil’s Story: The Paper Cutting Picasso Wil Kerner “The Little Prince” Wil Kerner, autistic and mostly non-verbal, received a pair of scissors and some construction paper for his tenth birthday and his obsessive cut-outs quickly began to fill his grandma’s home. Wil’s grandma Susan noticed that his creations resembled characters that he was watching on TV. They were actually compositions! Wil and his grandma pasted his cut-out compositions onto paper and voila, an artist was created! Now Wil, referred to as the “cutout kid,” has art work, which sells for thousands of dollars, on display in galleries on both coasts. But even more than financial gain, art has helped Wil to connect with the outside world. It’s given him confidence, which we all know is priceless! James’ Story: Composer of the Canvas James Frye, who is known as the “Futuristic Throwback” artist, says he can see the colors when he listens to music. Although James is 20, Wendy, his mom,