Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 1 Fall 2014 - Page 40

HB: “Or play with me ...” HB: “Wow ... that’s amazing ...” PB: “Right. We really want her to come out and play. She’s a lot of fun when she plays.” PB: “I know, right? Also, she has superpowers. She can see, hear, touch and taste way better than we do. But, it makes her super sensitive to everything.” HB: “Yeah ... but, Daddy, why does she babble all the time?” PB: “Hmmm ... what’s your favorite song?” HB: “Umm ... Counting Stars!” PB: “Have you ever had it stuck in your head? Playing over and over again?” HB: “Yeah. Sometimes it’s stuck there forever.” HB: “Oh! Oh! Like Daredevil doesn’t like loud sounds! Is that why she covers her ears, Daddy?” PB: “Yup. That’s also why she has trouble with certain foods, bright lights, and scratchy clothes. Her superpowers.” HB: “Well, I think that’s cool. I have super powers, too. I can run super-fast! She and I can be a team, right, Daddy?” PB: “You already are, buddy, you already PB: “Right. Well, she does that with every- are. I love you so much.” thing she sees or hears. Sometimes, six different things are playing all at once, round He hugs me. and round in her head, and she can’t help HB: “I love you too, Daddy.” but let them out.” Darrin Ingram is the grateful father of an amazing 9-year-old autistic daughter and a precocious 6-year-old NT son. He is also a freelance writer and the lesser half of a happy Yin-Yang marriage. Visit his blog, Fathers for Autism, and his Facebook page by the same name. 40 Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses Do you have a sibling who would make a great feature in this section? Send your story idea to zoomautism@ gmail.com with “Sibling” in the subject line.