Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 1 Fall 2014 - Page 4

FROM THE EDITOR I would like to welcome you to our inaugural issue of ZOOM. When we were thinking of the feel or theme we wanted this premiere edition to embody, a quote kept popping into my head: “One step must start each journey” (author unknown). My head is still reeling from all the steps we have taken over the last few months to arrive at this point. Deciding to start a magazine is no easy task. I am so grateful to have had two wonderful cofounders, Jodi Murphy and Sharon Cummings, join me on this roller-coaster ride. It has been quite the journey— one filled with mostly ups and, thankfully for my stomach, not too many loop de loops! Even so, as we were about to push publish on this very first issue, I could not help but be reminded of seventh grade. I know, strange, right? Seventh grade was the year I left the comfort of my neighborhood school and entered a special performing/visual arts magnet program across town. I can vividly remember how nervous I was. A million thoughts spun through my head as I walked through those front doors. What if I am not talented enough to be here? What if nobody likes me? How ironic is it that I was consumed with these same types of thoughts as I embarked on this journey years later? What if nobody reads us? What if they don’t like it? What if …? You get the idea. I happened to express these concerns out loud, and my sweet 11-yearold daughter Grace reminded me of the advice I repeat to her and her 13-year-old brother, Jay, every day as they exit my car before entering the doors of their middle school: “Make good choices and BE YOURSELF!” So here I am, ready to practice what I preach, ready to make good choices about the content we will include, 4 Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses Jodi, M e (Sharon F.) and Sharon C.