Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 1 Fall 2014 - Page 38

SPOTLIGHT on SIBLINGS What’s Autism, Daddy? By Darrin Ingram This issue we focus on how our children who are not on the spectrum view their siblings who are. We will give you a hint: it usually is just as a brother or sister. Kids don’t see the diagnosis. In fact, for many siblings, autism is merely a word they hear their parents talk about but a concept they know nothing about. That is why we love this essay, which was beautifully written by Darrin Ingram from Fathers for Autism. Darrin’s son asked him a threeword question, “What’s autism, Daddy?” The response that Darrin gives is simple and sweet and honestly highlights the differences between his two children in a way that respects his autistic daughter. H The Super Hero Team ad a conversation with my son last night. But the best part of this piece, Handsome Boy: “What’s autism, Daddy?” the part that we want to really Wow...where to begin? shine our spotlight on, is his son’s response. So innocent, His eyes were so honest, so innocent. He truly cares so real, so accepting! about his sister and tries to help all the time. He is fully trained in therapies and interventions and has a PhD in *Note: Darrin refers to himself as Papa Bear (PB) and his r ]