Zoom Autism Magazine Issue 1 Fall 2014 - Page 33

I surf the web looking for positive idea projects. I know I won’t ever get to do them any time soon, but seeing great ideas and tips cheers me up. (Jennifer, USA) I see my acupuncturist once a week! (EviPete, California) We have a cat room (since we moved, our cats are only allowed in this one big room). When I feel myself getting to that point, I go to the cat room. I sit and watch them, pet them and play with them. (Shawnacee, Ohio) I iron my t-shirts that I wear with my comfy shorts, and it lifts my spirits to be showered and clean! I always have my coffee with French Vanilla creamer, and I deliberately think and read positive thoughts every morning. And I pray. And I am the Aspie, My son has some traits, but is not an Aspie. (Jane, Alabama) I exercise for 40 minutes a day. (Lori, Illinois) I run on a treadmill every afternoon. It helps relieve the pentup stress. My son says, “Mom is working her crazy out.” (Alesha, Pennsylvania) I try to spend an hour each morning at the gym, even if it’s to get a chance to read— while riding a bike of course. (Trish, Pennsylvania) When my kids were young, I had a part-time job that was my escape. Now I have a plot at a community garden. There’s something very therapeutic about digging in the dirt, pulling I send the kiddo to school, even though I’m a SAHM with a weeds and getting rewarded with flowers and background in education and vegetables. Occasionally, some of my fellow could ROCK the homeschool gardeners will be there too, and I get to talk to thing. (Katy, Nevada) some adults for a while. (Nancy, Rhode Island) I go to girls’ nights, my husband I take time to get regular mani/ and I have very regular date pedicures. When I feel good, it nights, and when needed, I lock makes a difference in how I relate to my two ASD kids and my ASD myself in a room when I get students! (Jeanne, Texas) overwhelmed. (Tonya, Georgia) I think that self-care is a big part of being a respectful parent. I make sure I go to the chiropractor every other When we are respecting the family unit, when we are respecting week. It may not seem like much, but I’ve found our kids, when we are respecting others, we need to respect ourselves too. I have tried to always let my kids know in whatit so helpful! (Staci, Wisconsin) ever way they can understand when I need something specific. They have known from a very young age that I need specific When I was younger (20’s) it was the tanning bed on my lunch hour. Now it is a mani/pedi. I also get up earlier than things that they don’t need, be it an hour with a book alone, or everyone else on school mornings so I can have a few min- a coffee sitting on the back step with the sunshine on my face. utes in quiet to drink my coffee and watch the news before When I involve my kids in explaining and take time when I need it (not too late, but at the time I feel it is needed), it helps all of us. the chaos begins. (Brandi, Texas) (Ally, Australia) I have a part-time job I love. in my garden and When my guy was little, I I run twice a week, and I write I spend timechickens. I know it with my had to be on standby when silly, but they are always social stories based on our own soundsto see me and love getting happy he was in school to pick him simple treats like the tops off of experiences to help others. up, so I worked every other strawberries or leaves of lettuce. Saturday to be with adults. (Charlotte, United Kingdom) I dig in the dirt, pull weeds and pour my heart out to God. (Jennifer, California) (Beth, Florida) Zoom Autism Through Many Lenses 33