Zionsville Visitors Guide-About Town 2018 - Page 7

9 43 63 CONNECT LOOK SNAPSHOT 19 49 DINE SHOP The Zionsville community has many organizations for those who wish to get involved. Savor the selections of Zionsville’s many restaurants. 25 EVENTS The town offers a full calendar of entertaining activities year round, from sports to concerts to festivals and more. Experience the many attractions Zionsville has to offer. Take a quick glance at what our community looks like by-the-numbers. 77 You’ll find that unique item you’re looking for in one of the many local shops and galleries in Zionsville. 57 TO DO Get out and appreciate Zionsville’s shopping, muse- ums, natural parks and trails. 7 ABOUT TOWN CONTENTS SERVICES SPECIAL FOLDOUT MAP Use this map to help navigate our growing community.