Zionsville Visitors Guide-About Town 2018 - Page 59

LINCOLN PARK 41 South Second Street Lincoln Park is a one half-acre park marking the site where Abraham Lincoln stopped in 1861 on his way to be inaugurated . It features a gazebo , picnic tables , benches , a small fountain , and a memorial .
MULBERRY FIELDS PARK 9645 Whitestown Road This 38-acre park is accessible from the nearby Big-4 Rail Trail . It features multi-sport , turf playing fields , a fullsized basketball court , over 2.5 miles of paved paths and sidewalks , a large hill with great views , a playground for ages 3-10 , a skate park , and a splash park . In the northwestern 3.5 acres of the park is Maplelawn Farmstead , where a nonprofit historical preservation organization cares for the historical farm structures and provides related programming .
STARKEY PARK 667 Sugarbush Drive This 80-acre park offers 4 miles of rustic , hiking trails and scenic spots along Eagle Creek . Home to amazing native wildlife and plants , the park connects to the Nancy Burton Corridor of the Big-4 Rail Trail , and from there to Zionsville ’ s 20 + miles of paved trail system .
TURKEY FOOT PARK 4795 Turkeyfoot Avenue A 23-acre park of forested bottomland with a footbridge over Eagle Creek , Turkey Foot Park contains . 6 miles of rustic hiking trails , a parking area , and . 6 miles of a paved , connection to Redbud Lane .
VILLAGE CORNER 24 E . Cedar & 15 S . Main Streets This 1,400-square foot pocket park is on the corner with benches , plantings , and a street clock with carillon .