Zionsville Visitors Guide-About Town 2018 - Page 28

EGGNORMOUS EGG HUNT April 20, Lions Park The festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast (for a donation) and the first egg hunt starts at 10:30 a.m. 2019 ZIONSVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ANNUAL BANQUET January 25 ZFD FIREFIGHTER’S BALL & AWARDS BANQUET February 2 KITE DAY A &#&2Bv&26V"vW7@wwr&6Fv&66ХF2WfVB6VV'&FW2FFPFvFFW2B672B&0Bv&26V"vW7BFR67B2C"W'6BCRW"f֖ǒB&VVfG0FR&2bv&26V'2b7fReU"$fV"rvb6V"bFgW"&&VVfFrFRVR66WGf"&R6VGvb6V"bFf6BGGwwr6f&&2&rf"&Pf&F।424"dP( 27fR6VGv66wwr6'26Х5dR4425$r%$T&6#&P#$UBDt