Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 72

Day 29: My mom finished her first painting. It’s a seal washed up on the beach. Either that or a small brown man. Maybe it’s a fat child. Maybe it’s not even a beach. I’m not sure what the hell it is.

Day 30: Big news! That guy in class is not gay. He grabbed my boob in the vending room. He told me life’s too short to live with wonderment. I gave him a wet kiss and had him squeeze my other boob (it’s a little bigger.)

Day 31: The guy in class, Xavier, told me that Dr. Ackerman is being investigated. He saw something on the Internet. Then he asked me to go dancing this weekend. I’m thinking of calling him X.

Day 32: My mom had a tough day at class. No one could tell what her painting was. I know it wasn’t a seal, a little brown man or a fat kid, because I said, ‘I know what it is,’ and then guessed all those things and about ten more before she started crying and went upstairs with a bottle of wine.

Day 33: X and I went dancing tonight. He’s a GREAT dancer. He likes it so much he’ll dance with anyone, man or woman.

Day 36: My mom quit her class and is trying to get her job back. I think it’s a mistake. I told her that Dr. Ackerman said, ‘Your dreams are more valuable than your money.’ My dad asked why he charges so much for tuition.

Day 38: There was a sign at school today. Dr. Ackerman is sick and class is postponed until further notice. He must be really sick.

Day 40: Lisa got a call from someone claiming to be her boyfriend’s secret girlfriend. I told her that it’s probably just someone playing a joke.