Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 71

Day 15: Dr. Ackerman was mad that no-one brought in their $25. He said that relationships are built on trust, and he trusts us to bring the money next week.

Day 17: I convinced my mom to quit her job. She seemed bored. My dad was upset because she’s a half-year away from a full pension. I told her that the life you want to live starts today. I learned that from class. Or maybe Legally Blonde.

Day 20: Dr. Ackerman talked about all the stuff that can go wrong in your head. I never knew there was so much. After each one I said, ‘Knock wood,’ and rapped on my desk three times because I was so glad I don’t have anything wrong. He also talked about how people can be cheap and selfish and not follow through on promises and that he had rent due.

Day 21: Lisa found a box of tampons in her boyfriend’s closet. He told her they were for her and that she had ruined the surprise.

Day 23: My mom is taking painting classes! It’s great. She used to paint in college but gave it up when she started working. My dad is not talking to her.

Day 24: One of the girls dropped out of class. I think she is pregnant. Either that or she’s getting fat. Maybe she has an eating disorder – and not the good kind.

Day 27: I kind of miss beauty school and talking with customers. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here. I was giving Mrs. Rosenbaum a dye job and she was telling me all of her problems (I kind of forget now what they were) and she said I was such a good listener that I should be a counselor.