Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 54

Evolution | Roy Moller

Today I rose as steam escaped

from a church refurbished right up to the roof;

the mossy slates gave away

its age but, yes, it seemed refreshed,

its windows still stained glass canoes

dug out of now-sandblasted stone

stripped of smoke and sorcery

to face the modern age.

This morning I passed the Kelvin

flushed in spate, and all of a rage;

I paced around a polished museum,

squinted as sun from the skylight invaded

cases containing God's own beasts,

matured beyond death, glassy-eyed,

with fabulous beams they'll never see.

At times like these I feel reborn,

at least re-borne through the old swinging doors

and put up for adoption again

to smile for a month till the Mollers

nurture nature and help me evolve.