Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 42

2020 | Jim Eigo

Time was we all were wage slaves. But that was back when we (all of us who counted) still had jobs.

If you can hear us now, you’ve survived the Great Shakeout, traded in your real estate for a (less bulky) virtual platform, swapped your identity card for barcode and become your own brand. You see (as well as we do) that, in an ever-evolving business environment, nothing stays (from second to second) the same. Our learning curve (Economics 1010101 . . . ) will run on for as long as we do - and we say: why should we ever stop?

Which doesn’t mean the gears of the system (we’re speaking metaphorically here) won’t, on occasion gum up. As we all await the Promised Restart, now is the time for you to rid yourself of that last shadow of overhead: you otherwise risk eternal consignment to retail’s ash heap - and what is there since the Shakeout that isn’t retail? You won’t be invited to the brave new world in that rapidly dilapidating body. You say you’ve cut to the bone?

That was so last business cycle. We who outlast the rest of our kind will be unafraid of slashing beyond it, and uploading the essential remnant we find there to the next level of (why stop at cosmic?) Network. When Big Money (rumored the biggest yet) gets ready to beckon, will you have the courage to (totally, truly) reinvent?

If your answer is yes, we welcome you to Capital’s ultimate dream, complete liquidity, eternal exchange, pure currency and (at last) a Market free of everything but Market - the only free that you or any of the rest of us ever again need aspire to.