Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 26

again, but Mr. Sucks simply refused to live up to its name.

‘Well, the name of the vacuum couldn’t be more appropriate,’ Jimmy said.

Julia let out a hysterical laugh. For once, she laughed at something her husband said. Old times were here again: a time when she used to laugh at all of his jokes – even when they weren’t that funny. A time when he thought she was the best thing that ever happened to him. A time when all the parts of their relationship were easily assembled and functioned like a world-class vacuum cleaner. Unlike the cheap, used one they had become.

‘Please, sir,’ the salesman said. ‘Give me one more chance to make magic and change your life.’

‘I really think you should go,’ Julia demanded. ‘We are running late.’

“Please, Miss,’ the salesman begged.

‘We need to go,’ Jimmy finally said in step with Julia – a functioning team once more.

Meanwhile the salesman continued to pour his heart and soul into his newfangled gadget, still feverishly attempting to vacuum up the foam peanuts, which continued to hold their ground. Each time he ran over his self-made mess to no avail, he muttered foreign swearwords under his breath.

‘Please, Mister. And Miss,’ the salesman said, looking up from his task at hand. ‘Please, two more minutes.’

‘Sir. One last time. You need to go!’ Julia said in a demanding tone that Jimmy knew all too well.

And like Jimmy had so many times throughout the course of