Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 24

though this was the precise moment everyone was waiting for. ‘Easy does it.’

Jimmy could only wonder what Julia was thinking upstairs. She was probably going to let him have it for not having the balls to turn the intruder away. Of course, he didn’t want to answer the door to begin with. He simply couldn’t win.

As the salesman struggled to snap each piece together, Julia came downstairs. She looked beautiful, as always, but he didn’t bother to comment, or even flash a complimentary glance. Apparently, that was what the salesman was for:

‘Oh, this must be your beautiful wife, yes?’

‘Yes, it is,’ Jimmy said.

‘Hello, Miss. You are just in time to see a demonstration of Mr. Sucks’ revolutionary new vacuum cleaner. Be sure not to miss your chance to own one today!’

She ignored him, sternly addressing her husband. ‘We need to go.’

Agreeing with her, Jimmy realized what he had to do.

‘Sir, I’m very sorry,’ Jimmy began. ‘But we need to go. We’re running late.’

‘Please, I beg of you,’ salesman said, even dropping to his knees, clasping his hands in a desperate plea. ‘Two minutes. Two minutes and your life will be changed forever.’

The salesman refused to take no for an answer. As he continued to struggle and fumble to assemble his boasted easy-assemble vacuum, Julia grew more impatient. A small piece of plastic snapped off, but the salesman didn’t seem to notice.