Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 222

Gordon Robert Johnstone: Gordon works with coffee and writes to overcome this.


Twitter - @sheerdrop

Jeremy Garnett: Jeremy is an online teaching system administrator in Darwin, Australia who slips haphazardly into the skin of a PSYBO (psychedelic bogan) after-hours, dancing liturgically through the night. He has been known to walk barefoot in inappropriate places, unrepentant laughter playing in the shadows behind his eyes.


Jim Eigo: Jim Eigo is an architect of two reforms of AIDS drug regulation, accelerated approval and expanded access, that have helped bring many treatments to many people, work profiled in the recent Oscar-nominated documentary, How to Survive a Plague. His recent short fiction appears at cleavermagazine.com. He blogs on Huffington Post.