Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 218

Meet the Contributors

Adam Natali: Adam is a freelancer who graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing. His fiction has appeared in The Cynic, Short Story Me, and Pound of Flash. He’s done articles for HD Living magazine, and spent a year as a staff writer for Groupon composing daily deals, merchant profiles, and stupid jokes.


Adreyo Sen: Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, hopes to become a full-time writer. He did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English and Sociology. Adreyo has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya.


Andy Millman: Andy spends much of his time trying to coax laughs out of his dog, Scottie, who enjoys slapstick but also appreciates satire, parody and when food drops onto the floor. Andy is represented professionally by the Purcell Agency. Scottie is still seeking representation.