Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 20

Vacuum | R.J. Fox

They were already running late for their friend’s wedding, in the midst of yet another screaming match. It was the only way they really knew how to communicate now, with the exception of long periods of indifferent, mutual silence.

After marriage counseling had run its course, Jimmy and Julia were spiraling out of control and heading into a collision course with the end in sight. It was the last thing either one of them wanted. However, no matter how hard they tried, nothing seemed to work.

Sadly, little did Jimmy and Julia know, that following every fight, they each retreated to their own private corner and cried and prayed that things would somehow get better between them. Maybe if they were both aware of this, things could be different – that somehow, they could be fixed. But they were too wrapped up in their own misery to notice.

‘The world isn’t going to stop just so you can finish getting ready,’ Jimmy finally said, boiling over with frustration.

‘Shut the fuck up,’ Julia replied back from upstairs. This had become her stock response to just about everything he said. In fact, it got to the point that even a sincere ‘I love you’ warranted a sincere ‘Shut the fuck up.’ The saddest thing of all is that it no longer fazed him. Nothing she said did. She might as well have been speaking gibberish to him.

With the way things were, the last thing either one of them wanted to do was go to a wedding together – a blatant reminder of how far they had fallen. They were simply too far past the point and too exhausted to even consider the notion that attending a wedding could somehow