Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 179

question. But dinner was the only place you were stuck. What if you just left? Just leave. Leave with Frannie.

We drove home in silence. No eye contact was made. I watched Cindy breathe on the window and then mark it up with smiles, flowers, and whatnot. It was immature, embarrassing.

Inside we got ready for bed quickly then lay far apart. I was awake, so was she, but we pretended to be tired, neither of us putting on a convincing act. I reached out for the remote control, when our lights flickered, dimmed, and shut off. I clicked the on button multiple times, not accepting the fact that I would now be forced to converse with my wife.

‘Is the power out?’ She looked concerned.

‘No Cindy, the world’s ending.’

‘You know what Evan, I don’t need your sarcasm right now.’

‘Well then, when do you need it?’

She was heated, but didn’t move. More talking was soon to come. ‘What’s wrong with you lately? What’s up with this attitude?’

Attitude? I don’t have an attitude. I’m bored Cindy.’

‘You’re bored? With us?’

‘With everything! So are you. This whole thing isn’t working anymore.’

A face I’d never seen before came over Cindy. She was hurt, yet numb. She had no response.

‘Frannie would understand.’

It was out of my mouth before I could process a thought. Cindy sat erect in the bed. She clenched the cotton sheets to her chest as if she were a scared child in a doctor’s office. She didn't blink. Her