Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 154

‘Touché,’ mumbled Worry. He could not argue with that. So he nodded, waved goodbye and gave a tilt of his hat. After that, Worry could not wait to rush home and have a hot cup of tea. Furious was right, all of that worrying made him a busy bee. Again, it was then that Worry saw an unexpected guest awaiting him on his front step. It was Love Expressed.

Love Expressed

Without pausing for a breath in between, Love Expressed eagerly approached Worry to greet. ‘Hello Worry my dear friend! How are you? How has it been? Let us head on in. You do look tired. Are you all right? I must inquire?’

Before Worry could respond or pick a question to answer, Love was there to care and pamper. She rushed Worry to his recliner and wrapped him in his favorite blanket. ‘Will that be all my precious Worry?’ A whistled chimed off in the distance. ‘Oh your tea! What was I thinking?’

Off went Love to care for Worry just like he did for all of the others. After all, that is what loving friends will do for one another.

The truth is that Joyful Enthusiasm, Curious Wonder, Furious Terror, Fearless Blunder, Sadly Mistaken and Love Expressed are all a part of the little modern girl’s emotional self. They live deep within her mind stacked like books on a shelf. They reveal themselves through her words and actions when there is an emotion that she is trying to find. She must learn to remember them with much presence of mind. Sometimes she may worry or get lost in a fury. She may forget her fears