Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 153

He was covered in an armored vest. Rusted links of chain dangled from his chest. ‘I shall defeat mother nature’s fury! Of the most thunderous booms, I shall be judge and jury!’

‘Oh sweet Fearless are you at it again?' Tisked the Worrywart at his naïve but courageous friend.

‘Yes it is I, Fearless, with no feat I cannot tackle. My brave whip will strike it down with a snap, pop and crackle!’ Worry nervously smiles and murmurs, ‘I admit that your zeal has an alluring appeal and charm, but Fearless please do not believe that you will come to no harm. It is okay to look scary things straight in the face. Things out of our control, however, should be handled gracefully over time and with pace.’

‘Nonsense! Nonsense!’ Fearless screamed and cried. He ran off to defeat the indestructible. All Worry could do was hope that his bud would stay alive.

‘Phew,’ huffed the Worrywart. All of these encounters were exhausting him. It was nice to give advice but he knew that during this day he could be doing something better. Just then came another friend who you will learn to be Furious Terror.

Furious Terror

‘Ah Worry!’ She exclaimed, ‘Don’t sneak up on me like that! You could have scared me to death or given me a heart attack!’

‘Well hello again Fury, my ever irate friend. All that stress is not good for you,’ said Worry much to his chagrin.

‘Who are you to tell me how it is that I should feel? After all, you are the Worrywart! I mean, man, what is your deal?’