Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 152

Sadly Mistaken.

Sadly Mistaken

‘Worrywart is that you my long lost friend?’ Exclaimed Sadly Mistaken with a half tilted grin. ‘To what do I owe the pleasure of running into you? I have traveled a long way down memory lane and have followed these tracks to get my memory back. Someone told me of such a mystical place where I could go to help my brain with things I cannot recall. Oh won’t you come with me, it is no big deal at all!’

‘Sadly, don’t be a fool! For you old friend,’ scoffed Worry, ‘this is my sound advice. I know the gamble of winning back your old memories sounds worth it but it comes at what price? I caution, do not throw the dice and take such a risk. There must be a reason why there is much that you seem to forget.’

‘Worry, my dearest pal, I would like to think that I know better.’ And with that, the Worrywart begrudgingly wished Sadly safe travels and good luck on his endeavor. They went in opposite directions but the Worrywart could not help but keep looking back. Common sense, not sound memory, was what poor Sadly lacked. As he made it back into town, the Worrywart noticed a presence looming around. Dawn was fast approaching and the weather was grim. There were cloudy skies, lightening strikes nearby and crackling thunder when suddenly appeared Fearless Blunder.

Fearless Blunder