Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 151

weightlessness. You shall not forget it!’

The Worrywart stomped his feet in protest and just then something blew through Joyful’s bubble and left her in a wet sticky mess. Off went Joyful who was quite saddened. She had to deal with what just happened. Next came Curious Wonder strolling along. Chasing a butterfly while merrily skipping and singing a song.

Curious Wonder

‘Oh Curious, oh Curious, why are you skipping on tracks? A train could come any moment and squish you down flat!’ The Worrywart could not believe what he was seeing. Wasn’t it obvious the danger she’d be in?

‘Worrywart, my dear friend, this place is rather amazing. It is an endless wonder of sights to see and a way to many places. I have accompanied many a people who call me their friend and I them. Together we have traveled here and there, around the world and back again. They have not steered me wrong or led me astray. Of course, there were times when we were lost and could not find our way, but all that was resolved and here I stand whole. To explore and encounter interesting things is my ultimate goal! Worry won’t you follow the tracks with me and experience the glory! Never mind any challenges nor the downs and ups in the story.’

The Worrywart threw up his hands in frustration and just then, an unsuspecting creature lured Curious off with temptation. Poor Worrywart stood there with his arms tightly crossed and grounded in his affirmations. Suddenly an old timey friend bumped into him. It was