Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 150

The Worrywart | Ramona D. Pina

Now this is a story that’s never been told and it’s worlds away from Snow White and those Dwarves. It involves a little girl from modern day accompanied by a series of characters who guide her emotional path along the way. There is Joyful Enthusiasm, Curious Wonder, Sadly Mistaken, Fearless Blunder, Furious Terror and Love Expressed. The one introduction I save for last is questionably the best: the character known as the Worrywart. He works with the others when danger looms near. Warts pop like goose-pimples when his sixth sense interferes. He saves you from making a terrible mistake that some call an accident and others call fate. Why do we need him? He seems like a burden. Always sitting heavy on our shoulders when we are more than uncertain. Yes, it is true that he is hard to forget and very easy to notice; but when the Worrywart is around we rarely seem to lose focus. Take heed to his messages. Don’t ignore what seems real . . . no matter how hard it is to see, smell, or to feel.

Joful Enthusiasm

‘Joyful Enthusiasm don’t get carried away,’ says the Worrywart watching her glee in dismay. Joyful twirls in a field of wild flowers. Such emotion! What untapped bliss! ‘Please be happy,’ stammers Ol’ Worrywart ‘But be mindful of what lurks in the abyss.’

‘Oh dear friend there’s no trouble. I’m pleased to invite you into my bubble. It may be muddled, perhaps distorted but all that seems not so important. Enjoy the colors. Quite psychedelic! Embrace such