Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 138

Demise | Gale Acuff

‘If I died in Sunday School would I go

to Heaven or Hell?’ I asked my teacher,

Miss Hooker, after class today. She said

she needs to think and pray on it so I

said, ‘Yes ma'am, I understand, I don't know

either.’ So I guess I'll get my answer

next Sunday if I don't die before then

and if I do I may as well forget

I asked at all. All the same, I'll look down

on Miss Hooker from on high and see how

she takes the news of my demise, which means

death if you want to sound fancy and I

guess I do, being up there with God and

Jesus and the Holy Ghost and angels

and all the dead folks come back to life, their

souls I mean, in their new bodies, which we'll

get and I wonder what mine will be like

and that's my next question for Miss Hooker,

I'm only 10 but I'd like to be born

again up there as maybe 25,

her age down here on earth, and taller, too,

so when she expires and enters into

the Kingdom of Heaven she'll fall for me

and we'll get married, though she also says