Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 122

like a family heirloom.'

May picked it up and turned it upside down, right way up, looked all around it. 'Great-Granny Cath's jug? Honey, you know we really don't think that belonged to her. It's just a family joke. I don't remember seeing it ever in her house. I think Grandad just decided that it had belonged to her. He got a bit sentimental in his old age you know. Felt he'd left his roots behind.'

'Well, he did.’

'Well, he did a bit. None of us stay still. And he worked hard you know. I don't understand this obsession you have with the past.'

'It's not an obsession. I think we should know where we've come from.'

'Well. I do. Surrey.'

'No need to apologise.'

'Ha, ha. Old ones are the best.’ May held it at arm’s length. ‘It is quite pretty. What’s that on it?’


‘Yum, yum. Lovely.’

‘Mum.’ Kate took the jug from her mother and placed it back exactly as it had been amongst the clock, the photographs, the candles and bunches of dried lavender.

'Sorry. It's nice to see you, darling.’

‘And you. You and Dad should come over more often.'

'Oh darling, we would if we could but it's a bit of a faff on a week night. I don't know why you had to buy a flat on the other side of London. I would have loved to have you closer.'

‘I like it here. Handier for work.’