Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 121

Catherine stood up tall and looked at her boy. She held him at arm’s length. 'Of course she would, pet. She'd say, "You should see your boy. What a fine young man, he is. Ye should have been paying attention to him instead ae they Spanish folk" And she'd skelp his backside for going away.'

Hugh giggled.

Third Era: London 2013

'Oh this is looking lovely, pet.'

'Thanks, Mum.'

May scanned her daughter's hallway.'I love what you've done with the floor. That does suit the space, doesn't it?'

'Yes, I think it works well. It's all reclaimed wood.'

'I remember you said. Well done you, doing your bit for the environment and it looks lovely. Authentic.'

'Thanks, I'm really pleased with it.’ Kate shepherded her mother into the sitting room.

'Oh, this has turned out well, Kate, you've got a great eye for this. You must be pleased. You were right. You did need to rip out all that old stuff. This new fireplace is just lovely. It’s so cottage-y. Very oldy-worldy. Like a little bit of the country in the middle of London. Look at all the knick-knacks. Goodness, why have you got that in pride of place?’ May stood directly in front of the fireplace, looking with distaste at one ornament.

'You needn’t look so horrified, Mum. I like it. And you know it's