Zest Lit Issue 2, October 2013 - Page 118

no sign of the day’s activity.

'He shouldn't ha come back.'

'Ah know.'

'Dae ye think anyone saw him? We could just say he never came back.'

'He couldn't ha got here without someone seeing him. They'd ha seen him in the village or stoating up the road. But he's been awa’ before. We'll just say he's gone again.'

'Aye. But we'll be right sharp aboot it. Like we're embarrassed and we don't want to talk aboot it anymore. Try to stop the talk.'


'Dae ye think Cath can thole it?'

'Naw. Naw son. Ah don't. Ah wouldn't want her coming back here. It’s no like it wis ever much ae a hame fir her.'

'Dae ye think Cath should bide wi you and Maw?'

'Of course she cid but Ah don't think she could dae it. It wis bad enough wi’ folk talking. They all knew he wis a bad lot. That wis hard on her. And if they're talking aboot whir he's gone noo and if he'll be back, Ah don't think she could keep up the lie. And, Ah don't know, maybe she needs to start somewhere else. Just be a lassie agin, no the wife ae a dunkard and a . . . ' The older man's jaw tightened and his lips clenched.

'Don't, Da, don't think aboot it.'

'Ah just couldn't stop. When I saw whit he wis doing. To my lassie. Ah just couldn't stop. He'd had it coming to him for sae long and when